From the recording Where it All Begins

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For all the friends we never see but think about and treasure every day.


Thirteen Forever (Anderson-Gram copyright 1995)

You see me standing in the spotlight
I see you fadin’ in and out of sight
Where do you think you’re goin’
How many years are showin’
Quite a few in your eyes

I hear your folks just refuse to sell
That old house I grew to know so well
Must be the generation
I know it’s hard facin’
Years showin’ in their eyes

But I’ve never seen those years
I leave them all behind
Things have a way of changin’
As lives are rearrangin’
I put a lock on time
Thirteen forever in my mind

Little things come up, along the way
To remind of the times we spent and
The games we used to play
How we shared vacations
Campfires and celebrations
And how I gave you that black eye


It’s you and me and the radio on Saturday night
Playin’ tag in the darkness with your Dad’s flashlight

I read a note in The Times today
You’re married now with a baby on the way
Who’d of known back then
Time would distance friends
But it’s all here in my mind