"Hey, these guys are great!"

"WHAT a polished duo you are! You have achieved a natural style and smoothness that appears flawless. You are to be congratulated on your accomplishments, and your years of work has made you very graceful, artistic, entertaining musicians."                                                                                    ~ Brad Slocum/Program Director Music At Noon - Westminster Church - Sacramento, CA 


“Your music and rapport with the audience were just the magic we needed. The range in your selections offered enough to please everyone from our young teens to the seniors...Thanks again. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”                                                                                   ~ Roberta LaMonica, Prosser Public Library, Bloomfield, CT 


 "I try to have a lot of live music on my show...this {Anderson-Gram} is as good as it gets."                                                                                               ~ Dennis Brunnenmeyer, Nevada City Limits, KVMR 89.5 FM 


"Your music is like comfort food...a big plate of creamy mashed potatoes on a cold night." 
~ L. Bergeron, Salem, OR 


 “This down-home appealing wife-husband duo have the friendly feel of Reilly and Maloney and Kate Wolf as well as the somber melodicism of Linda Thompson. Gayle Anderson-Gram’s mezzo soprano is resonant and appealing. Bob Gram provides wonderful harmony on many of these songs but solos with a rich baritone.”                                        ~ Victory Music Review, Seattle WA 


"Billy Buckman presents Gayle Anderson and Bob Gram, "Anderson-Gram". Two of the best singers/songwriters/guitarist performers we've seen for a long time. Sweet harmonies, tight picking and beautiful voices. The studio was packed with people who come to enjoy, record and just delight in their incredible talent."                                              ~ Billy Buckman, Auburn, CA Community TV


"The music is complete perfection and brings smiles to the faces of all who hear their sound.  I do believe that Gayle's voice is that of an angel, so beautiful and pure.  Bob on the guitar and his vocals complete the sublimity of this wonderful pair."                                                                    ~ Renae Best 
Music coordinator/market manager 
Sacramento Certified Farmers' Markets 


"Anderson-Gram is a wife-husband duo with a smooth natural sound often compared to Kate Wolf and Jim Croce. Gorgeous vocals, intelligent, thoughtful lyrics and first rate guitar playing."                                                                              ~ Amazon.com, Japan 


“While their music is soothing and smooth as silk, the underlying explosives make for a dynamic experience; rich, fulfilling and generously endowed with sparkle and personality.” 
~ Jeanine Schiavoni, Merrimack Valley Progressive, Haverhill, MA 


"Just think of a cool, refreshing, New England breeze and that is Anderson-Gram." 
~ Dick Cerri, President, World Folk Music Association, Washington, D.C. 


"These guys just blew us away with great musicianship, rapport with the audience and songs that you wish you had written yourself."                                                                          ~ David Fishken, Fishken & Groves, Acton, MA


 “Gayle and Bob are winners ...beautifully crafted melodies, supported by strong harmony and tight arrangements with lyrics that stand by themselves."                                                ~ Roger Ebacher, REBACH MUSIC RECORDING, Newburyport, MA