Behind the scenes of our new cd

'tides & embers'


Gayle Anderson Gram & Bob Gram: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Neil Anderson: Bass Guitar

Diane Goyins: Keyboard

Steve Schultz: Accordion

Michelle Martin: Violin

Wayne Braun: Harmonica

Kerik Kouklis: Desktop percussion on 'Little Sister'


Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Anderson-Gram with special Production help from Carol & Kerik Kouklis

Cover Photography: Kerik Kouklis

Cover Art Graphic Design: Ruthann Cassidy, Zographix, Inc - Lowell, MA

  1. You & Me & the Memories - Anderson-Gram
  2. Cold,Cold Rain - Anderson-Gram
  3. One Kind Word - Geoff Bartley
  4. Little Sister - Anderson-Gram
  5. Caledonia - Dougie MacLean
  6. Nebraska - Anderson-Gram
  7. Down the Boulevard - Anderson-Gram
  8. If You Tried - Anderson-Gram
  9. Misery - Anderson-Gram
  10. Middle Age Delusions - Anderson-Gram
  11. Pacheco - Robin Williamson
  12. The Red Tail Hawk - George Schroder

Thank you to everyone who came to a gig, purchased a CD and hired us for an event. We work hard at our craft and it fills us with such joy to be appreciated and to see you singing along with our songs!

We hope this new group of songs brings every emotion to the surface but leaves you smiling and relaxed when the last song finishes and you  let it start all over again!

Wicked pissah thanks to our talented friends & family that played on the CD, Ruthann Cassidy & Kerik Kouklis for making it look cool, Steve MacLean for your masterful guidance during this very long process, the entire Goyins Family for your love & support, Terry Fowler for your continued support, Paula Joy Welter for your generosity & musical support & certainly not least - very special thanks to George Schroder for your generosity.

You all make our hearts soar!