1. Western Wind

From the recording Where it All Begins

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This one was written on our honeymoon in Northern California (when we lived in NH). It’s about feeling spiritually close to loved ones…wherever you are


Western Wind (Anderson-Gram copyright 2000)

On a western wind an ordinary day
The warmest wind is blowing my way
Spirits soar and their shadows fall
On the ground around me taking in it all
On a western wind

There’s a hand from a time gone by
A soothing hand rests next to mine
And it belongs to all the souls
With me everywhere I go
On a western wind

There’s a voice singing songs I know
More like a whisper soft and low
And every word could be my own
As the music plays that legend grows
That’s where it all begins


With no reason, no rhyme no empty spaces left behind
In a clear blue sky

As the sun slips down in a dusty rose
My faith is blind and all I know
There’s something there that I can’t see
So much more that’s a part of me
On a western wind