1. One More Night

From the recording Where it All Begins

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This song was inspired by Bob being a chauffeur for four years, getting home late and Gayle was always asleep


One More Night (Anderson-Gram copyright 2000)

A lonesome set of headlights in a lonesome Northern sky
Lights up the moon and familiar exit signs
Run on down to Boston and back one more time
I have worn this groove into highway 95
Um, um, um

So it’s one more night
I’ll come home to find you sleeping
Don’t wait up for me
It’s gonna be a while
I promise I will kiss you
While you lie there dreaming
And again, everything is fine, one more night

I get AM radio from Denver all the way up here
I get the West Coast when the nights are crystal clear
Now I see a sunset on a warm Pacific shore
“I’m sorry Ma’am it’s still another twenty minutes more”
Um, um, um


Nothing in the rear view that I need to see again
I keep my eyes on the road up ahead
On a lonesome set of taillights so far away it seems
If I’m gonna catch ‘em gotta keep them in my beams
Um, um, um