1. Night Train

From the recording Where it All Begins

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Sometimes people just never feel like they fit in


Night Train (Anderson-Gram copyright 2000)

I hear that whistle blow a train in the night
And I think about a girl that I know
She said she’s leavin’ on that train in the night
If she can bear to be on her own

See she was born in between the time
Born of love that’s now gone
She’ll never be an only child
She’s just a child all alone

I heard her say one time she spent most of her life
Tryin’ to find a way to belong
Separated by invisible lines
She now believes she’s in the wrong


Bags packed and unpacked night after night
She can’t decide to stay or to go
Some day she’ll find someone to look in those eyes
And say she matters after all

I hear that whistle blow, a train in the night