1. Alabama

From the recording Where it All Begins

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For Jeanne & Mark, with love!


Alabama (Anderson-Gram copyright 1997)

I think I found myself a home
A little farther South than I believed
You know I never thought I’d hear my voice
Singing these country harmonies
But Alabama took me by surprise
Kind of swept me off my feet
A little smile a little tear in his eye
A little love song sung off key

Cause Alabama shines and it’s plainly clear to see
It’s the last stop on the line I’ll never say goodbye
Alabama’s home to me

I get reminded of the things I miss
When New England calls
“When’s our baby coming home to stay, or is she coming home at all?”
But I’ve found a heart that’s just so warm
And I really love this life
Can’t you hear my little Southern drawl
It peaks out from time to time


This is no place for a Northern girl
At least that’s what I’m told
I came looking for a friendly face
Now I stay for the hand I hold


It’s the last stop on the line, Alabama’s home to me