1. This Guitar

From the recording Where it All Begins

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The beginning of this song is directions we got to our next gig


This Guitar (Anderson-Gram copyright 1997)

“On up over that mountain, down through the town below
Left on 34 my friend, then before you know
You’ll cross over that mountain and you’re West Virginia bound
We hope you make it back this way, we sure do like your sound”

Oh, oh this guitar has taken me so far
Places I’d never find alone
As the miles turn to memories through every town I see
Gives me a life gives me a love, gives me a home

So it’s on into the darkness and midnight comes and goes
You just can’t be too careful when you’re on these mountain roads
One lane both directions, no one passes by
Round and round, up and down it sure is a long ride

Chorus…so it’s on we roll down this road

Nighttime turns to daytime in this Shenandoah sky
I can see the stars and the sun at the same time
Off in the distance there’s a light to pull me in
One more town and do it all again