1. Hero

From the recording Where it All Begins

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Dedicated to all of the athletes who keep doing stupid things and keep getting caught.


Hero (Anderson-Gram copyright 1991)

Oh my, my that boy can play
People talked about him with stars in their eyes
And you heard every cliché
Poetry in motion, grace under pressure, the natural, an All Star man
Totally monogamous a model to all of us
God was his biggest fan

Then one night in the checkout line
I saw his face of the cover of a paper that I’d never buy
The headline read “Scandal & Women & Children”
A tabloid peepshow
I start to cry and I ask myself why
Inquiring minds want to know

That’s no place for a hero
That’s no place for a hero of mine
It’s a long way to tumble if you happen to stumble
On virtue outside the foul line

And as far as I can tell
Many kids looked up to him
Now many look like him as well
The shame of one man effects so many lives
From lovers to children to friends
It’s the price of the fame it’s the game that’s to blame
For making Gods out of mortal men


Another season rolls around
It’s opening day and he steps to the plate
The boos rain down from the crowd
His heart starts to pound, the crowd’s getting louder
He wishes somehow it would end
They pitch him inside and he gives it a ride
Now he’s a God again