From the recording Where it All Begins

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This song was the recessional music at our wedding in 1997.


Give Yourself to Love (copyright 1982 Kate Wolf, Another Sundown Publishing)

Kind friends all gather ‘round
There’s something I would say
That what brings us together here
Has Blessed us all today
Love has made a circle
That holds us all inside
Where strangers are as family
And loneliness can’t hide

So give yourself to love, if love is what you’re after
Open up your hearts to the tears and the laughter
And give yourself to love, give yourself to love

I’ve walked these mountains in the rain
I’ve learned to love the wind
Been up before the sunrise to watch the day begin
I always knew I’d find you though I didn’t quite know how
Like sunshine on a cloudy day
You stand before me now


Love is born in fire
It’s planted like the seed
Love can’t give you everything but it gives you what you need
Love comes when you are ready, love comes when you’re afraid
It’ll be your greatest teacher
The Best friend you have made

Chorus (repeat)