1. At Least

From the recording Watercolors

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Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995


At Least
Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995

45 years in a cloud of dust each day doing what we must
Now the golden years have turned to rust
And the memories fade to grey
I remember at 23 we went out and bought that dream
Of red and white and blue and green hand and hand each day

I may never walk the moon
I may never touch the sun
At least I dreamed it once yeah
At least I dreamed it once

In a darkened alley across the town breathless and without a sound
He began to make his rounds to earn his pay that day
As the bell rang on the wall he was left to take the fall
I guess he got his wake-up call as they carried him away


In a seaside town she sat thinking life is not half bad
With the world so close at hand it just takes time to see
She keeps staring at the wall thinking time is passing by us all
There is no room to stall to realize these dreams