From the recording Watercolors

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Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995


Circle in the Snow
Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995

Where has the Starlight gone tonight
Where is the moonlight shining on my shoulders
To glisten off the water and make everything just right
The night is dark and the door is cold
The key unlocks the memories and silence fills the hallways
As love slips out the doorway
Of a house that has no home
Is no home

Where are the footprints to follow in the snow
I don't know where to go
I've never walked this road alone
The path I've chosen now seems to be my own
Leading to nowhere
Like a circle in the snow

Dust has settled on the room
On magazines and TV screens I can see the future
A blanket of emptiness that can never end too soon

Sunlight streaks across the bed
One half made and one have slept in it raining down on my face
That shows the signs of late late shows & the day that lies ahead


One day’s better than the last
Smiles are few and far between but a broken heart is mending
I can see a rainbow is that too much to ask

repeat first verse