From the recording Watercolors

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Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995


One Step from the Edge
Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995

On a walk down by the oceanside I began to understand
Why I feel like a drop of water and a windswept grain of sand
I thought about the right way of doing things and then I thought of mine
So I put one foot in and one foot out as I walked the water line

There are rows and rows of footprints up and down the shore
Running down to the water's edge and running back once more
With an ocean full of danger it's safer on the beach
I guess they think the dreams okay as long as it's out of reach

There's a song I hear with simple harmony
Built on heart and peace of mind and wood and strings
The voice may crack & the strings may squeak
Breaking the range for the sound I seek
Doing what I do best
One step from the edge

I wet my feet every now and then doing the nine-to-five
With steady work and steady pay and steady compromise
But the trade’s a bit one-sided the game’s too hard to play
To waste my time hopin’ I'd learn to love it anyway


It's hard to fight the tide and I wonder if I should
Never seems to do me good

A million-to-one one in a million is what I get
Pay those dues and steak that claim and never mind regrets
I could never measure my satisfaction by the wealth of a certain sum
Sometimes the price is hand-to-mouth for doing what you love