1. Go Postal

From the recording Watercolors

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Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995


Go Postal
Copyright Anderson-Gram 1995

It might have been rain in might have been snow
It could have been a sunny day
It might have been something bad at home or the weight of the holidays
He said the rich getting richer can bring me to tears seems hard times are here to stay
I do believe I found my salvation
It's in my bag today

It says congratulations occupant it looks like you win again
This is Ed McMahon and I'm telling you
Your ship is just come in
So come on along and take a chance it's worth at least one or two
And you could be a millionaire you lucky mother you
Millions and millions at every house it's such a subtle trap
So many winners so many checks
Too many Elvis stamps
He said the rich getting richer well not anymore see I've been stacking my deck
I'm gonna frame and hang that snapshot of me and Ed and my big cardboard check

He says

See he was kind of quiet he kept to himself
I guess he wasn't what he seemed
Now he waits for a knock on his door in a house full of magazines he hears