From the recording On This Ride

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On This Ride - Track Ten: You never really know someone
Anderson-Gram copyright 2011 (BMI)


I see the faded writing on the wall
But no one heard the name those midnight voices called
They ran down the halls and they screamed
“Nothing’s ever as good as it seems
Time to wake again and drown all those dreams”

If you hear them let me know
The sins of my father
Followed me home

I have seen a prisoner free to go
And the hounds lie down when the trail goes cold
Just another runner in the race
Finds his stride
When he’s not being chased
Scars fade easy into lines upon a face

The sentence does not fit the crime
The sins of my father dog me one step behind


So when the darkness takes the day
And those voices whisper
“We’ll show you the way
Follow us down this path of light
You know there’s nothing worse, than endless night
So grab that bottle and your sharpest knife”

Ask me nice, I still won’t go
The sins of my father
Are his and his alone