1. Little Sister

From the recording tides & embers

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Written about one of Bob's young guitar students and the rules his family gave him while growing up.

Neil Anderson on Bass
Michelle Martin on Violin
Kerik Kouklis on Desktop Percussion


Little Sister Anderson-Gram Copyright 2018

Hey little man, it’s easy to see
You’re not so little as you used to be
I know there are questions, I had them too
What in the world is expected of you

You need the answers, you’ve come to me
I don’t have them all
But I do have 3
Maybe they won’t change the world as its run
Maybe they can in your hands my son

Do the right thing though it’s harder
to do
Stand up for those smaller than you
And in the end though you think you
won’t miss her
Always look out for your little sister

Time is relentless time always wins
You’ll wander back to these times now and then
When living was easy and dreaming was free
Nothing could stop what you wanted to be

It’s OK to do, it’s OK to visit
Life moves along and you don’t want to miss it
There will be straightaways
There will be curves
Just put your faith in the lessons you learn


Just do your best when the time comes
Pass it along to your daughters and sons
Add in the wisdom that comes as you age
There’s more to a song than the notes on a page

Chorus x2