From the recording tides & embers

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We all have that special, happy place where all your cares melt away.
For us, that place is "Down the Boulevard" in Gloucester, MA


Down The Boulevard Copyright 2019 Anderson-Gram

When the setting sun fills the sky
Sparking embers on the tide
You’ll find me at the harbor side
To bid the day goodbye

It’s there I take my burdens
To watch my burdens die
There’s peace down on the blvd
And I can show you why

Grab a seat beside me
As the day rolls into night
And fall in love again my friend
Down the blvd tonight

There are open doors & widows
Drifting in from the neighborhoods
I don’t know what they’re cooking
But I know it’s something good!

I won’t tell you it’s the moonlight
Or the boats that slide on by
The friendly nod or a smiling face
I’ll let you decide


Now the big old moon is rising
Sparking embers on the tide
Its light will guide you safely home
When you bid the day goodbye


You'll know where to find me
Down the Boulevard tonight