1. If you Tried

From the recording tides & embers

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When every day seems like a Monday and Friday is nowhere to be found...

Neil Anderson on Bass
Wayne Braun on Harmonica


If you Tried Copyright Anderson-Gram music 2015, lyrics 2019

Woke up this morning to a world of Mondays
Starin’ me down, starin’ me down
Woke up this morning to a world of Mondays
Friday was nowhere to be found

So I looked on the Google, even GPSd
Finally stopped an old man and this what he said
Hey there little missy
Friday ain’t no mystery
It comes at the end of every long,
long week
So just do it for the money
Move along now, honey
You could not miss it if you tried

I woke up screaming in a cold, cold sweat
Cryin’ where is the love, give me some love
Fell to my knees and I prayed my best
But I got no answer from above

So I woke up my baby
Didn’t think that through
He kissed me on my head and said
What is wrong with you
Love is everywhere, love is in the air
Love is like oxygen, it’s even in my hair
Now get back in this bed
Don’t you wake me up again
Cuz you couldn’t miss it if you tried

Woke up this morning
Nothing was wrong
Nothing broken, nothing even bent
Woke up this morning, nothing was wrong
Man, I love the weekend

The moral of this story
Is don’t take inventory
Take the peace of mind with a smile
and a sigh
Don’t go diggin’ through the rubble
Don’t you look for trouble
You could not miss it if you tried