1. Misery

From the recording tides & embers

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The pain of addiction is shared...


MISERY Copyright Anderson-Gram Nov 2017 & April 2018 w/ Diane Goyins

Why can’t you see
The pain you cause
Every time that you speak
I just don’t know
What else to say, or feel

Lies tumble out freely, seemingly easy
Do you even know what to believe

Days into days, turn into years
Our memories turn into tears
I just don’t know, what else to say, today

Only down at the bottom, will you see a problem
Please, please say you’re already there

Is there a light I can shine
A song I can sing
A door I can open
Can I do anything
With the sunrise
I’ll keep on trying, as I’m crying
In your reflection
Do you see imperfections
Or just another illusion in this
that is my misery

I live to fight
One day at a time
Not let your sadness be mine

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll just let the phone ring, and ring and ring
Only down at the bottom
Will you see the problem
But for today, I’ll ask you again