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Sad truths for men of a certain age


Middle Age Delusions Copyright 2014 Anderson-Gram

He ain’t so big, ain’t so strong, ain’t so fast
You could take him sure you can
Pay no mind to the word out on the street
You’re down a step or 2 you’re in AARP
No screams of passion just the screaming of your knees

Go pump the weights pop that hernia if that pain ain’t enough to learn ya
Grab yourself the aspirin and BenGay
'Cause these middle age delusions won’t go away

You know she wants you
Hey she remembered your name
All of 22, that don’t matter this day and age
She’s so coy sending code you need to crack
Like when she asks you, do you want fries with that
And all the while she’s thinking you remind me of my dad

Go suck it in, comb it over
You could find a four leaf clover maybe if you lose a chin or two
These middle age delusions might come true

Let’s get real let’s get with it for a minute
It’s only the middle if you get to triple digits

Another tough one
Hey it’s good to be back home
She’s a waiting, your queen upon her throne
Hope them hotties kept their hands off my man
I know it’s tough out there just do the best you can
That little smile and you know she understands
Cause she see Clooney she sees Thor, not some geezer at her door
At the end of every day
And every night she’ll hear you pray
That her middle age delusions
Her 6/10 age delusions
Her reduced to 3/5 delusions don’t go away