This song is a first hand account of the terrible fires in Napa & Sonoma, CA in October of 2017.
"The Line of Sorrow" is where one side was destroyed and the other side remained untouched.


Cold, Cold Rain Copyright Anderson-Gram 2015 (music), 2017 & 2018 (lyrics)

In the Valley of the Moon
The North wind starts to moan
Down the mountainside
Through the fields dry as a bone

I have seen it all before a lonely spark
Nothing more and it begins
Check the news one more time
Just to ease my mind, nothing said
I settle in

I slowly open my eyes
Was that a siren screaming
The midnight sky is glowing, now I know it’s not a dream
There’s a pounding on my door
Grab your family jump on board
You’re outta time, we’re out of time
Out the front door we run
Through the back the fire comes
One step behind
Nowhere to hide

This is Engine to base, we have survivors
We’re on our way
Embers coming down like snow
Flames rolling like the tide
Everything is gone, no point in staying on
We’re East of Highway 101 but the fire’s jumped both sides
Please advise

When the dawn finally wakes
It is no dawn at all
Muted sun, ugly air, Army cots in this old Legion Hall
Captured memories are just memories again
The two-way radio echoes the power and the pain this morning sends
There is no end
So, from the wrong side of the line of sorrow
We sit and dream about tomorrow and pray
For a Cold, Cold Rain