1. Winter Wind

From the recording The Season

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A hauntingly beautiful song written by Patty Larkin.

Cover photo taken by Kerik Kouklis in Hokkaido, Japan in February 2020


Patty Larkin - Winter Wind Lyrics
When the Winter Wind
Blows cold upon my window
And the mood I'm in is darker
Than the deep blue sea
I'm remembering
Some time that we had long ago
Scenes of you and me
Long before the Winter Wind

All along the lane
They've plowed a way for us to go
Through the ice and the snow
And the chill in the air
And if I should go
Far from the woodsmoke
Through the cold
Would you give me your warm hand to hold
In the Winter Wind

When the Winter Wind
Blows cold upon my window
Sun cuts like a diamond
Stringing crystals in the air
In the afterglow
My thoughts run like the drifting snow
And find their way up to your door
In the Winter Wind